• Brand Strategy
  • Visual ID System
  • Product Design
  • Design Direction

In 2011, I was contacted by Digitale Pioneers (the VC firm of Heiko Hubertz) to design and develop the branding and product design for a new, mobile-based marketplace — a platform that would take the pain out of selling and buying second-hand goods.

The main player, ebay, was the status quo when it came to enabling people to find things but, the selling experience (posting a photo and description, payment and bringing said item to the post office) left a lot of room for improvement. It was with this in mind, as well as the shift from desktop to mobile computing, that Stuffle was created.

As an early pioneer in mobile commerce, Stuffle would set the standard for location-based marketplaces due to its elegantly simple design. This recognition would not go on unnoticed as it would go on to win an Apple “Best Lifestyle App”, Lovie “Mobile Innovation” and be recognised as the “Web service of the Year” from Lead Awards.

After a year and a half of being the founding Design Director, I would move on to an advisor role. In this capacity I would support Stuffle in raising over $2.5 million in funding, and later, their exit to the Scout Group.