• Visual ID System
  • Organizational Design
  • Workshop Design
  • Content Creation

Gruner + Jahr is one of Europe’s largest premium magazine publishers, whose portfolio includes several iconic titles. In 2019, after seeing me speak, Martin from G+J reached out to me with the goal of supporting innovation within G+J. This would be done through a new internal innovation unit (I8N) he co-founded with his colleagues Christian Mattern, Karsten Reichel, & Conrad Leilich.

After having established a visual ID system, I supported them in defining their purpose, vision and mission. To bring these to life, including their values, objectives and key results (OKRS) were defined and discussed. We would go on to collaborate on an image film, a podcast and a handful of workshops all with goal of exploring and becoming catalysts for innovation.

Byline - a podcast from I8N / G+J