Designer, maker, international speaker, teacher, strategist, entrepreneur, artist- to outline Jeremy Tai Abbett’s many activities in a few words seems almost impossible. Yet there is an underlying interest in everything he does: “I tinker with technology to achieve a better understanding of how we relate to one another through our mediated interactions. These interactions are increasingly becoming screen-based. Therefore, when I’m not designing for the screen I’m building things to make the digital physical.”

We spent an inspiring day with our long known chap and Hamburg-based creative at his lovely apartment and favorite hang-outs in the hanseatic city. He showed us how he combines digital and non-digital devices in surprising new ways to create items and experiences that enrich our every day life. His curiosity and playful approach towards technology make him a role model for the post-digital user and an important figure of the maker movement. We are very excited to present you this video and our first interview from Hamburg in partnership with our friends from NEXT Berlin conference.

At NEXT Berlin, the leading European conference for the digital industry, which will take place on May 8th and 9th, Jeremy will be covering what he calls his “approach of life” to create things and experiences that have never been seen before.