January 2012

Stuffle was a mobile marketplace platform that enabled people to buy and sell their personal items; the platform can be best summed as a mobile-first flea market. As the founding product designer, I developed the visual language and overall branding as well as the user-experience, user-interface and interaction design.

At it’s peak, Stuffle grew to over 1 million users and raised over € 7.5 million in funding. As one of the very first mobile marketplace applications, Stuffle set the standard for user-experience (UX) as well as all those that followed and are currently in the market.

Stuffle logo
Stuffle mobile application product design

Stuffle would go on to receive accolades from across several many organizations including: Apple “Best Apps Germany”, Lovie Award, “Mobile Innovation”, Lead Award “Webservice of the Year”, and IPDC: Best German iPhone App. After acquiring over a million downloads and two seven-figure funding rounds, Stuffle was acquired by Immobilien Scout in 2014.

Stuffle Location